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Osiris WavPak Vol. 3 by Chris Meyer

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Introducing the Osiris WavPak Volume 3 - a distinguished creation by Chris Meyer of Learning Modular, renowned for his design work on the classic Sequential Prophet VS synthesizer. This WavPak has been carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly with the Modbap Osiris bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator. The all new custom four banks of 32x32 wavetables have been meticulously curated and designed to expand your approach to wavetable synthesis with Modbap Osiris.

Derived from Chris Meyer's huge studio modular synthesizer, The Monster, these waves underwent meticulous sampling, including techniques like audio rate waveform crossfading and tube overdrive. Each waveform is a testament to expert craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality sound production.

The Osiris Wavpak Volume 3 by Chris Meyer sound banks are exceptional due to his meticulous approach and creative process. These sound banks were sampled at 96kHz, aligning perfectly with Osiris' unique, high-quality 96kHz sample rate operation. With these waves, you can enjoy pristine audio clarity and explore the full depth of your sonic landscape.

The X-axis contains different waveforms in all these banks, and the Y-axis introduces different harmonics for each X-wave.

The harmonic series used in this WavePak is:

  • H1 = root note
  • H2 = 1 octave up
  • H3 = 1 octave + Perfect 5th
  • H4 = 2 octaves up
  • H5 = 2 octaves + major 3rd
  • H6 = 2 octaves + Perfect 5th
  • H8 = 3 octaves up

In some cases – especially the filter banks, formant filters, and resonant EQ - the waveform also changes with “harmonic” on the Y axis. This precise control over harmonic content enables you to sculpt and refine your patches with extraordinary detail.

To further enhance your sonic explorations with this incredibly texture rich wavpak, we encourage you to experiment with different modulation sources patched to Wave Y. This could include velocity/accent from your sequencer or keyboard, a mod wheel, aftertouch, ribbon controller, or even a sample & hold triggered on each new note. By exploring these modulation options, you can create dynamic and evolving timbres that respond to your playing style. Consider layering Osiris’ sub-oscillator for enhanced clarity by adjusting the Sub Mix volume and wave shape.

The WavPak wavetables are organized in folders A,B,C,D.

What is a wavpak? Think of a WavPak as a sample pack full of wavetables for Osiris.

**Digital Download**

Bank A, known as the East Coast bank, features wavetables that have been carefully crafted using techniques such as audio rate waveform crossfading. AFG Alien Saw waves, AFG Animated Pulse waves, and Serge-filtered waves. Explore diverse waveforms on the X-axis and intricate harmonics on the Y-axis, adding depth to your compositions. The bank offers a wide range of sounds, including smooth and classic textures.

Bank B, the West Coast bank, incorporates techniques like Serge rectification, wave folding, and Serge Resonant EQ. These wavetables provide a more experimental and abstract sonic experience, perfect for those interested in pushing the boundaries of sound design and diving into harmonious tones and textures with Serge rectification, wave folding, and Serge Resonant EQ. The X and Y axes empower you to experiment with waveform and harmonic adjustments, offering unparalleled control over your sound design. Modulate Wave Y to explore dynamic variations and layer Osiris with other elements for a richer sonic experience.

Bank C, the Formants bank, focuses on different vowel sounds. Discover vocal-like sounds with digital formant filters capturing diverse vowel nuances, complemented by analog three-band formant filters tuned by ear. The unique interface allows refining patches by adjusting waveforms and harmonics on the X and Y axes. Modulate with precision using external sources to infuse expressive nuances into your compositions. This bank is ideal for adding a human touch to your compositions or exploring more abstract and otherworldly sounds.

Bank D, named Harmonics, This bank features tube overdrive, Moog & Buchla style filter banks, and both analog and digital additive oscillators. Shape your sound effortlessly by manipulating waveforms and harmonics—experiment with modulation sources to create evolving textures and intricate harmonics, allowing you to craft immersive soundscapes. With this bank, you can create rich and harmonically complex sounds, perfect for adding depth and character to your compositions.

WavPaks are easy to use. 

  1. Just copy the Osiris folder to the root of the micro sd card.
  2. Insert the micro sd card into Osiris.
  3. Power on Osiris.
  4. Press and hold the bank button until the LEDs turn blue.
  5. Now Osiris is set to use the WavPak wavetables on the micro sd card. 
  6. To toggle back to the factory wavetables, Press and hold the bank button until the LEDs turn white.
  • Osiris User Manual – Download
  • Osiris Quick Reference Guide – Download
  • ‘OsirisEdit’ Wavetable Editor Manual – Download


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