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Osiris WavPak Vol. 1

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Modbap Modular's Osiris WavPak Volume 1 by Electronisounds is a WavPak designed exclusively for Osiris Bi-Fidelity Wavetable Oscillator. The WavPak contains 4 banks of new wavetables. Each WavPak bank contains 32x32 wavetables.

The WavPak format is simply the organization of wavetable banks into the structure and format used by the Osiris Eurorack module. The audio format is 16 bit, 44.1kHz and the wavetables are organized in folders A,B,C,D. Think of a WavPak as a sample pack full of wavetables for Osiris.

**Digital Download**

WavPaks are easy to use. 

  1. Just copy the Osiris folder to the root of the micro sd card.
  2. Insert the micro sd card into Osiris.
  3. Power on Osiris.
  4. Press and hold the bank button until the LEDs turn blue.
  5. Now Osiris is set to use the WavPak wavetables on the micro sd card. 
  6. To taggle back to the factory wavetables, Press and hold the bank button until the LEDs turn white.
  • Osiris User Manual – Download
  • Osiris Quick Reference Guide – Download
  • ‘OsirisEdit’ Wavetable Editor Manual – Download


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