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Per4mer Overview by Trovarsi & Perfect Circuit

Per4mer Overview by Trovarsi & Perfect Circuit

Perfect Circuit and Trovarsi teamed up to demonstrate Per4mer's prowess. Here's what happened.

As noted by Perfect Circuit...

"Our friend Trovarsi came by to show us some of the sounds of the Modbap Modular Per4mer and explain how some of its features work.

The Per4mer has four arcade buttons that switch on DJ style effects (delay, reverb, glitch and tape stop). There is also a color processor that gives everything you pass through it the sound of a digital sampler, or some saturation or a vinyl emulation.

The Per4mer has a compressor that can do regular compression as well as sidechaining or compress a signal in time with a clock. Of course since the Per4mer is a eurorack module you can trigger the effects with triggers instead of pushing the buttons, and you can control the knob settings with the CV inputs. The Per4mer is also stereo in and out!"

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